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The Nattrip

Nattrip is a tour Operator and adventure service provider based in Brazil. Nattrip commercializes its own operations, some are joint operations and others are partnership operations. Nattrip has tour and travel premium packages for its clients. It has a number of destinations around the world to provide the best out of them.

Why Nattrip feels to invest in Marketing.

In the year 2020 Nattrip was doing best as compared to its competitors but revenue growth was just 6-7% despite serving thousands of people. With this problem on board, the Nattrip manager contact the CRT team and we discussed every aspect of their business including market competition, growth percentage, ROI, and Social Handles.

After a 2 hours conversation, we conclude to focus on the premium plans rather than wasting money and energy on low-cost plans.

Story behind Premium Plans

The reason we choose to market a premium plan over low-cost plans was low-cost plans can be easily sold and are also available in the market by different providers and at the same time, no one is focusing on premium plans which makes it easy for us to market them.

Whenever the Premium word is attached to any phrase the first thing that comes to mind is price. In digital marketing, it’s quite difficult to generate leads for premium plans because people buy basic plans first, and moves to premium after getting trust. So, to sell the premium plan we had to sell trust.

Designing of Funnel for Nattrip.

Our funnel for Nattrip was more focused on generating trust and for the BOFU(Bottom of the funnel user) audience we limited our budget to 20% of the total marketing budget which was too risky as it seems.

To generate trust among the audience we first research what kind of audience would be interested in Premium Plans. After getting the set of audiences we try to find the pain points for each set of audiences or the difficulties they face while booking and visiting the destination they’ve booked. According to the pain points, we shaped our creatives and advertise them by experimenting with different audience sets.

The Research helps us find an audience.

In our research, we dig out that our audience whenever they visit new places faces difficulties in transportation. So we decided to provide them with cabs from airport pickup and drop and it became our USP. We decided to design creatives where Natrrip is holding their customer’s hands and exploring their destination with a happy smiles on their face.

Nattrip and we decided not to integrate with any other cab providers instead of it they hire 2 drivers. The reason for this is mentioned in the below paragraph.

Clever Marketing Strategy

Airport pickup helps Nattrip to generate trust as when someone books something from you and in the very first interaction you present yourself as a responsible person it directly impacts the authenticity of the business.

Airport drop helps Nattrip to convey a message of “Visit again” and makes a mark of a responsible business that cares about its customers.

With this marketing strategy, CRT was able to generate 7X ROAS in just 5 months for Nattrip. Out of 10 audience set, 3 audience set works best for us.

Women aged between 28-36 have made most of the bookings which directly concludes that our campaign of generating trust through emotional connection was successful.

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