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The Nattrip Background

Nattrip, a prominent tour operator and adventure service provider based in Brazil, offers premium travel packages across various destinations worldwide. The company faced challenges in building initial trust and struggled to scale its advertising efforts effectively


Being a premium tour package provider, Nattrip initially found it challenging to establish trust and generate leads consistently. Although the first month saw some success in acquiring leads through advertising, scaling the campaign posed a significant hurdle. The absence of clear strategies for Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) and Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU) campaigns compounded the issue. Upon conducting a comprehensive audit after 30 days, it became apparent that the existing audience targeting was broad, and the ad content failed to resonate effectively.

The Strategy:

A- Advertising

To address the challenges, a fresh campaign was crafted from the ground up. The budget was strategically allocated, with 45% dedicated to Top-of-Funnel (TOF), 25% to MOFU, and 20% to BOFU campaigns. Emphasis was placed on delivering informative content early in the customer journey, ensuring potential customers had a thorough understanding of the premium tour offerings before reaching the BOFU stage. This approach aimed to streamline the conversion process, minimizing the need for extensive human intervention.

B- Emails:

Capitalizing on the success of lead acquisition from cold audiences, a lead magnet offering a chance to experience a 5-star cuisine became a pivotal element. While retargeting efforts continued through ads, an email workflow was implemented, focusing on providing valuable information and converting 18% of the audience.

C- Premium Audience:

Recognizing the significance of trust in selling premium packages, a shift in the placement of testimonials was crucial. Testimonials from influencers and celebrities were strategically placed in travel groups on Facebook, Instagram Discover, and Reels – platforms where the ideal customers frequently engaged.

Campaign Results:

Travel Business Meta ads result

  • Duration: 55 Days
  • Cost Per Lead: $16.70
  • Leads Generated: 302
  • Amount Spent: $5,610

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