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Rafting success story



Raftingoo, also known as Outdoor India is a Rafting (adventure business) based in Rishikesh(Shivpuri). Mr. Gopal Singh Bhandari is the owner of Raftingoo and since 2009 he is a river rafting guide and a disciplined business owner.

How it all Started?

In 2015 after getting knowledge about the rafting and adventure industry Mr.Bhandari stepped into the Rafting business with his 2 rafts which cost him almost 5 lakhs rupees at that time.

Purchasing the raft was not enough for a business later he decided to hire 2 guides and with his popularity among locals he manage to get the best guides in Rishikesh. Now the almost basic structure for the business was ready and they launch their first trip in March 2015. In the season of 3 months, they generated 5 lakh rupees in revenue which was quite good for the startup.


COVID destroys business

From 2015-19 their season revenue increased from 5 lakhs to 9 lakhs and all this revenue is generated through offline marketing.
He notice that in 4 years period his business was not doing that much as compared to his competitor’s business. 2019 was a hard time for Mr. Bhandari and other vendors like him because COVID hit their businesses.

After the pandemic, Mr. Bhandari decided to do something unique that his competitors are lacking. Post covid he encountered massive growth in every business sector and he realises that his business is missing opportunities from the Online market. He decided to look for an agency that can manage his business reputation in the online market and without a doubt he chooses CRT for the same.

CRT entry

Our first interaction with Mr. Bhandari was just awesome he is a very kind personality with a disciplined character towards his business.
As we dive deeper into the rafting business and market we have noticed that there are more than 150+ companies providing the same service which creates difficulties to distinguish his business from his competitors. Our research and planning were going on suddenly we discovered that out of 10 businesses 2 businesses are running advertising campaigns which directly means that the competition in the online market is very similar to offline.

Strategy for Adventure business

It took us just 4 days to identify his business’s KPI(Key Performance Indicator), and now it’s time to advertise strategically. Adventure is an industry where you should not target people according to their interests but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to. Having rafting as an interest means one will definitely have connections where he can fulfill his requirement.

So now we have to target people who are adventure enthusiasts at the same time they should be traveling to Rishikesh or planning to travel to Rishikesh. With this type of Customer persona, we created our funnel and it started giving us results on the very first day of the Campaign

36 KM rafting in rishikesh

I remember Mr. Bhandari call me at the end of the 1st-day Campaign and the words were “Mere pass to 2 he rafts hai itne clients ka mai kya krunga” at first I think there might be some mistake in the campaign but this was sarcasm in his way which I wasn’t able to understand.

Now his business was flooded with leads and he started doing B2B with other vendors at the same time he was generating good revenue to maintain his marketing cost.

Not only marketing but we used to discuss with him points like-

  • Customer relation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Positioning
  • How to deal with bad reviews
  • Scaling

Why CRT is a Revenue Generator?

In his first month with CRT, he generated 5 lakhs in Sales which was his complete season revenue in 2019. In the summer season of 2022, his business revenue was 22 lakhs i.e. 10X of his marketing cost.

We deliver 10X profit to Mr. Bhandari and moreover, we serve him a website and social channels which will help him to generate more leads in the upcoming season organically.

Automation for his business

We scheduled a meeting after the season and we asked him what part of our marketing helps him get more sales he replied that earlier he used to invest 30-40 mins on a phone call with clients teaching them how to visit, pricing, safety and all. During our service, we created automation for his business where intellectual clients were making inquiries and booking from Mr. Bhandari. We have saved the 5 hours of a day that he used to spend with unnecessary customer queries and managing social media.

Now Mr. Bhandari is planning to purchase 2 more rafts for his business and he also decorated his office with plenty of cool stuff.

Your Next Step

If you think this case study helps you understand how you can utilize the power of online marketing in your business then share this story with your business friends.

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