Case Studies

Case Studies

Client testimonial for Facebook ads

Travel Agency

Prior to our engagement, the client had not invested in advertising. I devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to maximize their reach and generate leads.
Upon conducting a comprehensive audit of the client’s advertising account, it was evident that the focus was primarily on reaching a new audience rather than nurturing the existing one down the marketing funnel. To address this, we developed new visuals that highlighted the USP from a fresh perspective

Tour Operator

Being a premium tour package provider, Nattrip initially found it challenging to establish trust and generate leads consistently. Although the first month saw some success in acquiring leads through advertising, scaling the campaign posed a significant hurdle. The absence of clear strategies for Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) and Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU) campaigns compounded the issue. Upon conducting a comprehensive audit after 30 days, it became apparent that the existing audience targeting was broad, and the ad content failed to resonate effectively.

Travel client testimonial for facebook ads services

River Rafting

On 6 March 2021, we published our first campaign for this business. After running it for 3 days the leads were accurate but the client wants to scale his business. Also, there were 25-30 competitors bidding on the same keyword. We created a funnel in which we spent 25% of the total advertising budget on a cold audience in just 4 states. After getting enough data we expand the reach of the business by adding a display campaign that is been neglected by others. (Note- The image shown here is a result of the search campaign of a random day). From 5th March till the season end, we manage to maintain Cost per conversion between 5-8. At the end of the season, we delivered a total of 23K customers with an ad budget of INR 184K which tend our CPA INR 8.00.

Movers and Packers

The movers and packers business origin is from western countries however, now it’s also adopted in countries like India, Pakistan, and neighboring countries. This data belongs to one of our Indian clients. He started his movers and packers business but he was facing difficulties in customer acquisition. People around his business location were unaware of this business type and were still using traditional ways of transporting goods. So it was easy for us to spread this news through Youtube and Facebook video campaigns when his business got stable we started a lead generation campaign on Google and as you can see in the results we manage to get 526 conversions in just 10 days at cost of 15K where avg. ticket size was INR 8k.

Real Estate

This data belongs to one of our real estate clients. The real estate business is really a difficult business for advertisers when it comes to lead generation. Here you’re not selling any product or service but a trust that you need to generate through your campaigns. The avg ticket size is very large that you need a good amount for advertisement. The client belongs to the US and he had a good amount for advertisement that’s why we were able to generate quality leads for them. The data is of warm leads and this is the reason why we were able to convert them in just $1.5 and the budget spent was $679,670, leads generated were 453,113. Our strategy was to capture a cold audience through video campaigns where we created FOMO in the name of investment and the warm audience was captured through an offer that was a free visit to the property.