Growth to 10X ROAS for Holiday planners : Facebook Ads

10X Growth in 45 days for Holiday Package company


Our client is a Holiday Planner named as Valentino Holidays specializing in international holiday packages. With a focus on offering one winning package at a time, they approached us seeking assistance in generating automated leads through a well-structured ads funnel.

Growth to 10X ROAS

Client Goals

The client’s primary goal was to establish an effective advertising system to generate high-quality leads for their international holiday packages. As a first-time advertiser, they sought to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) and increase their brand awareness.

Initial ROI and Advertising Approach

Prior to our engagement, the client had not invested in advertising. I devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to maximize their reach and generate leads.


 I started by creating two different landing pages for each of their three international packages. These landing pages were designed to capture user information and deliver leads directly to the client’s device while triggering a notification.

Advertising Campaign Strategy

To reach potential customers, I implemented a combination of video and carousel ads across various platforms, with a particular focus on Facebook Ads. Through thorough analysis and testing, I identified that video ads performed exceptionally well in engaging the target audience.


 Leveraging Facebook’s algorithm, I created a lookalike audience based on individuals who had watched 90% of our video content. Additionally, I utilized the client’s existing customer data to create another set of highly relevant lookalike audiences.

Optimizing Average Order Value (AOV)

To achieve this, we created two highly engaging and conversion-focused landing pages for each of the three packages. These dedicated landing pages were designed to provide detailed information about the packages, highlight their unique features, and incentivize customers to book.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges we faced during the campaign was identifying the most responsive audience set. To tackle this, we experimented with different audience segments, including frequent travelers and individuals interested in travel. 


By closely monitoring the performance of each segment and refining our targeting, we were able to optimize the campaign and achieve better results.

Campaign Results:

Duration: 45 days
Advertising Spend: $3,000
Cost per Lead (CPL): $2.72
Revenue Generated: $30K

Holiday Package Price: $1000

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